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Struer og Omegns Motor Sport thank you for your participation and the many posetive expressions of Struer-løbet 2013 and we send You the result of Your efforts on Friday.

By inspection of the terrain and the fact that there is no complaints from neither the police or other, We can conclude that You have drive nicely and respectfully – as expected.

The result is calculated on the basis of the delivered idealroutes with the following change:

 Correction of notice:

                 Etape Fejsø Mose rubrik 2 ordre 10

                 På grund af valg fri rute gøres HRK U valgfri.

                 ( Because of the optional route is HRK U done optional. )

                 KL. 22.17 Bent Mikkelsen

 And then we would like to send many thanks to the race sponsors:

Struer kommune, Struer Brød, Shell Bredgade og A-Z skilte for Your support for the event, without Your support it would not be possible to get such a race to the city.

We would also like to thank Hvidberg Nedbrydning of loans of premises, and the landowners who allow us to make some very interesting and varied routes, we unfortunately cannot mention all, but a special thanks to:

Naturstyrelsen Vestjylland, Mercantek – Ulfborg Kjærgård and Staby Fliser in Ulfborg.

There are awarded prizes for number 1, 2 og 3 in NEZ/U-, number 1 og 2 in NEZ/DK- and to number 1 og 2 in M- klassen.


Management – STRUER-LØBET 2013

Niels Holst. Poul Bo Madsen,

Flemming Jensen og Bent Mikkelsen